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Bihar: Regional identity and Pride

Ek Bihari 100 pe BHARI / BEEMARI? “A place where extortion & kidnapping are main occupations” – Ruchir Sharma introducing Bihar in his book “Democracy...

Mocking the Margins: Carryminati and Linguistic discrimination

Is Carryminati a martyr of free speech? Free Speech, however, does not give you a license for hate speech. Ridiculing a community that faces...


Do you see it? The world as it moves in a haze, the poisonous water as it quenches the thirst of this dying world we...

A Breach in Freedom: Understanding UAPA

India was pushed into complete lockdown on 22nd March. This was done to contain the outbreak of Covid-19. Some say this lockdown was a...

The Politics on the Oppressed: A Historical Analysis

The colonial rule in India, as well as the empires that existed before, were systems of exploitation built for the benefit of few and...