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Indian Parody

The concept of nationality, decimates the ethos of humanity. We get the right to live on any part of Earth, the moment we take our birth.

The looming crisis on the Indian Constitution

When the luxurious resorts are out of the news and words like “horse-trading” and “MLA poaching” are not uttered frequently then you...

India of Stories

The rain was pouring down. I and my uncle decided to stop at a shanty Dhaba along the roadside which served nothing more than...

A Walk of Toil and Sweat

Just like that home became a distant feeling, as these wires decide our destiny. The sky between us remained mutual whilst the land shunned our...

Song of Misery

I saw a child of age five, Her voice was sweet as raindrops She told me of war and cries And blood shocked covered with dust   Agate and...