5 must watch Indian film in Quarantine


The period of lockdown can be quite boring and dull. With the repeated activities of daily life, reading, writing, sleeping and doing daily chores again and again, stealing time to watch some masterpieces from the world of Cinema won’t hurt. So, here are my 5 suggestions of Indian movies one must watch in this Quarantine.

1. Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda

Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda is an Indian Classic film made by legendary filmmaker Shyam Benegal. The film based on a Hindi novel of same name by Dharambir Bharati. The main strength of this film lies in its Story-telling. It shows how socio-economic condition effects a love relationship in different classes of society. The role as Manek Mulla, the story teller is brilliantly played by Rajit Kapoor. The film makes use of non-liner script where a single story has been viewed with many prospects which remains the best part of the film. Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda is the movie which explores the different multifaceted aspects of life, making the movie a forever relevant piece of art.

2. Kumbalangi Nights

‘Kumbalangi Nights’ is a Malayalam film, released in 2019. The plot of the film is set in a fishing village Kumbalangi, Kochi, Kerala. The film tells the story of four brothers, living in a dysfunctional home. Kumbalangi Nights film is a coming of age movie you can say .Most characters in this movie are in their young age. This film is an example from the ‘Wave of New Generation Malayali Films’. This film won ‘Best Malayalam Film (special film)’ award, in International Film Festival of Kerala.

3. Aranyaner Din Ratri (Days and Nights in the Forest)

Arayaner Din Ratri is a masterpiece in Indian films, made by Satyajit Ray. This Bengali film based on an adventure story of four friends. A Group of four well bond friends from different layers of Society decided to go out of the city to break the monotony of daily boring city life. In the outing they stay few days in an Adivasi territory and gather a lot of experiences. The film has been noted to show the struggle of Adivasis and their plight and sufferings. The script mainly focused on the conflict between urban civilization and the tribal culture. The four friends named Asim, Hari, Sanjoy and Sekhar, they all their difference from each other by virtue of their personality, socio-economical background. The portrayal of humanity so natural in all of the characters makes the film more attractive, and a must watch.

4. Piku

Piku is a comedy- Drama Hindi film, released in 2015, starring Amitabh Bacchan, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan. A Shoojit Sircar’s direction, the film shows the story of a Bengali family residing in Delhi’s C.R Park. The main theme of this film based on the relationship of a 70 year old Father Bhaskor Banerjee (Amitabh Bacchan) who suffers chronic Constipation and a daughter, Piku Banerjee (Deepika Padukone) an architect by profession. You will enjoy a road trip in this film, when Piku brings his father to Kolkata by road. In this Quarantine period, we are giving much time to our families, and Piku finds its relevance by the virtue of being a family movie. Every scene in this movie resembles with some part or character in everyone’s family. The film also focuses on this generation Women, thorough the character “Piku” (Deepika). Shoojit Sircar made a perfect picture of Independent Women in this generation.

5. Open Tee Bioscope

The corona pandemic has forced many students to vacate their hostels and visit out homes. Open tee Bioscope opens to us in the same situation, with a boy coming back home for vacations. The film, written and directed by ‎Anindya Chatterjee presents us a drama from the point of view of boy named Fowara, who watches the incidents happening in his neighborhood, his crush who goes for dance class every day through the front road of his house and mundane activities that surrounds daily life. Open Tee Bioscope is comedy drama, “Coming of Age” Bengali film released in 2015. The film shows the 1990’s life of Bengali middle class families, with accurate description of the North Kolkata lifestyle. If one wants to know Kolkata from a native eye, this is a go to watch .

By Samim Akhter Sheikh

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