A Walk of Toil and Sweat

picture Credit: Bushra Khan

Just like that home became a distant feeling, as these wires decide our destiny.
The sky between us remained mutual whilst the land shunned our identity.

As you walk freely on paved cement, my feet sink deeper and deeper into the cursed soil.
The wars of our forefathers, the great tales of bravery. Now look from up above in turmoil.


Days, dates remain of the past,
I only know of numbing cold nights and scorching mornings.
The water and wheat may not be with us,
so tears and love are our only offerings.


The land my people once toiled, gave
a parting gift of unending memories
What reality is for us, for you
might just be passing documentaries.


One day, maybe tomorrow,
the solid ground will be beneath me,
Till then I tread further and further for
the unseen home that may or may not be.


Nabiha Khan is an entrepreneur based in London, United Kingdom.


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