Alphabet’s Google Revenue Breakdown – 2024

Google is a giant multinational technology company known for its internet-related services and products.

Here is the Google Revenue Breakdown – 2024 report.

Google Revenue Breakdown

Revenue Streams2023
Google Search & other$175.00 B
Google Network Members$31.51 B
YouTube ads$31.31 B
Google Other$34.69 B
Google Cloud$33.00 B
Other Bets$1.53 B

Revenue in 2023 (TTM): $297.13 B

Revenue in 2023 (TTM)$297.13 B
Revenue in 2022$282.83 B
Revenue in 2021$257.63 B
Note: TTM stands for “Trailing Twelve Months

Market capitalization of Alphabet (Google)

Market Cap$1.794 Trillion
DateFebruary 2024
Rank4th (Globally)

Top Products and Services of Google 2024

Google SearchWorld’s leading search engine for finding information
Google AssistantVirtual assistant answering questions and completing tasks
Google MapsComprehensive navigation app with street view and local listings
Google ScholarSearch engine for academic research and articles
Google NewsAggregator of news articles from various sources
GmailFree email service with advanced features
Google CalendarCalendar app for scheduling events and managing time
Google DriveCloud storage for files and documents
Google Docs, Sheets, SlidesOnline and offline word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tools
Google MeetVideo conferencing platform for online meetings
YouTubeLargest online video platform offering diverse content
YouTube MusicMusic streaming service with millions of songs and recommendations
Google Play StoreMarketplace for apps, games, books, movies, and more on Android devices
StadiaCloud gaming platform for high-quality games without powerful computers
AndroidWorld’s most popular mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets
ChromeFast and secure web browser available on various devices
PixelLine of smartphones with advanced camera technology and smart features
Wear OSOperating system for smartwatches and other wearables
Google CloudSuite of cloud computing services offering storage, data analytics, and machine learning
ChromebookLaptops running Chrome OS with cloud integration
PixelbookHigh-performance Chromebook with premium features
Android StudioDevelopment environment for building Android apps
WaymoSelf-driving car technology
WingDrone delivery service
VerilyLife sciences company focused on healthcare and longevity
CalicoResearch and development company focused on aging and related diseases

Note: This table is not exhaustive and only includes a selection of Google’s products and services.

Official Revenue Report

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