Microsoft Revenue Breakdown – 2024

Microsoft Revenue Breakdown 2024

Microsoft Revenue Breakdown Microsoft is a USA based giant tech company which provides its goods & services such as a search engine (Bing), cloud solutions & windows operating system etc. Here is the Microsoft revenue breakdown in table format. Year Revenue (TTM) (in Billions) 2023 $218.31 2022 $204.09 2021 $184.90 Note: TTM stands for “Trailing … Read more

Simplified: Jordan Peterson’s Conservative Manifesto

Simplified Jordan Peterson's Conservative Manifesto

Renowned Canadian Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson has recently released his “A Conservative Manifesto” This document covers vast spheres of today’s socio-economic life. The need for such a manifesto according to Dr. Peterson has arisen due to upheavals created by the battles coming off from group identities and such.  According to Manheim, the disappearance of conservative ideas can … Read more