Indian Parody

Picture Credit: times of India

Discrimination on the basis of religion,
has potential to cause huge ramification.
Abhorrence for a select community,
can be a reason for our disunity.

Parliament is sovereign to make laws,
but sometimes those laws can be full flaws.
We have two sovereign houses,
but they failed to learn from the plight of Moses.

We are the largest democracy,
but being ruled by kakistocracy.
We lost the exalted legacy,
of unifying our diversity in complacency.

Hinduism is all about acceptance,
but CAA will get nothing but repentance.
The idea of India got passed,
the moment, Mota Bhai got the CAB passed.

They seek shelter because of homelessness,
But we sleep with carelessness.
We are yearning to occupy land like frauds,
As we have offered so much to Gods.

Army has the prowess to capture vast land,
but it cannot stop the wind from blowing away the natural sand.
We have fettered to make a global village,
Due to our policy of revenge.

The concept of nationality,
decimates the ethos of humanity.
We get the right to live on any part of Earth,
the moment we take our birth.

Md Imran Ahmad is a law student at Jamia Millia Islamia.


  1. Excellent poem … I appreciate ur effort to write this poem to show the real seen of bjp government regarding minorities

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