Reading List |Issue Number 1|On Caste

  • Standard Books (Non Fiction)
  1. Annihilation of Caste by Dr. BR Ambedkar ( One can also read the annotated edition published by Navayana) and Castes in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development( It was a paper read by B. R. Ambedkar at an anthropological seminar of Alexander Goldenweiser in New York on 9 May 1916.
  2. Caste System, Untouchability and the Depressed edited by H Kotani
  3. The Persistance of Caste by Professor Anand Teltumbade
  4. Why I am not a Hindu This book written by Professsor Kancha Ilaiyah Shepherd, published in 1996, is part autobiography, part ethnography, part political analysis—and all polemics.
  5. Hatred in the Belly by Ambedkar Age Collective-
  6. Caste Matters by Suraj Yengade- At once a reflection on inequality and a call to arms, Caste Matters argues that until Dalits lay claim to power and Brahmins join hands against Brahminism to effect real transformation, caste will continue to matter.
  7. Ants among Elephants: An Untouchable Family and the Making of Modern India by Sujhatha Gidla– A moving portrait of love, hardship, and struggle told from Dalit perspective.
  8. Caste: Origin, Function and Dimensions of Change by Suvira Jaiswal– The work provides a critique of the current theories of the caste system 

Informative Op-Eds

Caste Wasn’t a British Construct – and Anyone Who Studies History Should Know That

Why we need Dalit:The term seeks to change structures of oppression, rather than adjust to them

When Will India’s Educational Institutes Have Their ‘Dalit Lives Matter’ Moment?

India’s Universities Are Falling Terribly Short on Addressing Caste Discrimination

Education and Exclusion of Dalits: A History of Hurt and Humiliation

Caste In Indian History                                                                                   

Cleaing Human Waste: “Manual Scavanging,” Caste,  and Discrimination in India

Why India Needs to Address Caste-Based Manual Scavenging Before it Aims for A ‘Swacch Bharat’

It’s caste,stupid

Busted: Four Myths on Caste-Based Reservation Policies

Reservation Is About Adequate Representation, Not Poverty Eradication

Caste-based Reservation Is Compensation For Historical Exploitation And Marginalisation

The Republic of Resrvations

Fallacy Of Supreme Court’s Concern Over Revision Of Reservation Lists

Reservation And Common Perception: Responding To A Student

The Supreme Court Must Note That Reservation Is a Fundamental Right

A reply to Mr Katju (  Justice (Retd.)Markandey Katju’s Article: Reservations are psychological crutches for Scheduled Castes, have only perpetuated caste system instead of destroying it)

When It Comes to Dalit and Tribal Rights, the Judiciary in India Just Does Not Get It

Why arguments against Reservation are Flawed

The 10% Reservation Is a Cynical Fraud on the Constitution

Reservation is being undermined by privatisation push and decline in political clout of backward castes

Saffronising Ambedkar: Why the Sangh portrays Ambedkar as anti-communist and anti-Muslim

Caste ceiling on campuses

India’s unequal university system

Nearly 57% of India’s teaching faculty belong to general category, STs least represented

Explained: In Hindi heartland, upper castes dominate new Lok Sabha

The Rise and Fall of Dalit Journalismin India

In converstion with Dalit Camera: Eradicating the Dominant Savrana Lens in the Media

The Casteist Underbelly of the Indian Private Sector

Cisco, Caste Discrimination and the Endurance of Denial in Overseas Indians

Dalit stands for annihilation of caste, not substitute for ‘Schedule Caste’: VCK’s D Ravikumar on govt’s diktat to media houses

Want the complete annihilation of caste: First-time MP D Ravikumar

How Caste Shaped the Experience of Dalit Students at the University of Hyderabad

JNU and the Ambedkarite idea of public education

Beneath The Uniform

The casteist and racist origins of the Indian Army’s recruitment policies

We live in a castesist Hindu Nationalist state: Arundhati Roy on racism and casteism

Freedom to eat: The Fight for Beef as a DemocraticRight

The Harvest of Casteism

Race, caste and what it will take to make Dalit lives matter

Why the Shudras are lost in today’s India

Apartheidin Fancy Dress: Against India’s Arrange Marriage Regime

It’s time India paid reparations to its Dalits

Casteist India is becoming for Dalits what Western Europe was for Jews

Ambedkar’s desires are yet to be fulfilled as Dalits continue to live his worst fears

Dalitality: How Kanshiram’s politics took shape as cultural activism, angled its fate

Caste among the Indian Diaspora in Africa

Dalit activists want to see caste as a fragment of race – not conceptually, not analytically, not even empirically but legally

Caste Discrimination and UN

Caste on the International Stage

Caste on UK Shores

30 Years On, Mandal Commission Is Still a Mirror for India

Vinod Kambli was reduced to his assumed (‘lowest’) caste identity

Note: This Reading List is a continuing work in progress(last updated on 18-10-2020).

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