Song of Misery

picture credit: ICLU

I saw a child of age five,

Her voice was sweet as raindrops

She told me of war and cries

And blood shocked covered with dust


Agate and in total shock,

my eyes turned to look for her mother

A woman with fresh wounds and cut, I saw

In debris, covered, dead.


She ran with her arms stretched,

Collapsed by the woman’s side

Orphaned and snatched from mother’s warmth

by bombs dropped and nations war.


I touched to caress her a bit,

She looked at me and there was death,

Screams, wails and gunshots

and black tanks turned red with blood.


Her touch took me the shore of the Mediterranean,

I saw Them, drowning and crying for help

while nations watched on big screens,

A play performed on their sufferings.


The Germans said, we are full

The French afraid to lose work,

The world turned its head,

It was their plight, huh, there to suffer.


I walked the walk of toil and sweat

Of fathers crying, weeping loud

Of women finding their baby numb and silent

Tried and tried and tried again

The poor child won’t awake

The child died from bullet wounds

The mother won’t respond

Alas, she too leaves her body and is gone.


Gunmen stood on monstrous walls

To guard their dead land from life,

Nature saw this hypocrisy, this plight

Of two congruent lives, divide.


A lightning struck and I drifted from the child

And took a glance at the godless sky

Bombs, planes and bullets

A city, ruined and at its end

The serpent of Hell dancing

I saw a light, at the end of horizon

Of Hades sickle swing

The burning fires of Netherlands,

And Elysium consumed


Time will comes, nay time has come,

The dead will avenge, she warned

You hope of peace and solace,

By stomping on corpses of annihilated lands?


There shall be no peace,

no peace will dare come

Death has seen refugees plight

And now the cataclysm shall begin.


Nafis Haider studies Political Science and Philosophy at Aligarh Muslim university. He blogs at TheMemoria.

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