Stephen Kinnock: Biography, Income, and Career as MP for Aberafan Maesteg, Wales (2024)

Stephen Kinnock is a British politician and Member of Parliament (MP) from Aberafan Maesteg, Wales in the 59th UK House of Commons. His income is £ 499,848.

Stephen Kinnock Income | Aberafan Maesteg, Wales – House of Commons (MP) 2024

NameStephen Kinnock
Total Income£ 499,848 ~ (Refer to Reference No 2 below)
Party NameLabour
Parliamentary ConstituencyAberafan Maesteg
Constituency TypeCounty
Region NameWales
Country NameWales, UK
Father’s NameNeil Kinnock
Highest EducationCollege of Europe (MA)
Parliamentary OfficeHouse of Commons London – SW1A 0AA
Phone020 7219 8801

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the total income of Stephen Kinnock in 2024 ?

Stephen Kinnock’s total income in 2024 is £499,848

Which party does Stephen Kinnock represent ?

Stephen Kinnock represents the Labour Party.

What is Stephen Kinnock’s parliamentary constituency and its type ?

Stephen Kinnock’s parliamentary constituency is Aberafan Maesteg, which is a county constituency

Where did Stephen Kinnock receive his highest education

Stephen Kinnock received his highest education at the College of Europe, where he obtained a Master of Arts (MA) degree.

What are the contact details for Stephen Kinnock’s parliamentary office ?

Stephen Kinnock’s parliamentary office is located at the House of Commons, London – SW1A 0AA. His phone number is 020 7219 8801, and his email is His official website is, and his Twitter handle is @skinnock.

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