Do you see it?
The world as it moves in a haze, the poisonous water as it quenches the thirst of this dying world we push ourselves to be the masters of. The painted like a world or more like, the graffiti that challenge the order that rules above all.
As I take my stance as the crow on this once beautiful tree, now burnt and leaves, crumbled as should be; I see it all. The plan took the route on its own, I thought to be God of the underworld wanting to rule the surface where men ran like cockroaches and women threw themselves at anyone, no shame, only misery had taken hold.
I saw it all and decided to move on, I flew through the clouds, I laughed at the one who banished me.
“Do you see it?” I screamed. “This is not my doing, I expected so less, this is blasphemy. The world has cascaded down to its knees, the cacophony now arouses the spiteful minds, the painters now brush the world to bring reform, how foolish! Music for the soul, now lost! music for the rebels, now gone! Music to destroy, such harmony, do you hear it, oh God!”
I sat back at my throne, the underworld screams felt more silent than the chaos above. To succeed seemed impossible, but now I sit here in silence dreading what I had done.

Do you see it?
The dawn of every era brings about a beautiful change. The grey sky burst to cool the earth, to quench it of the destruction that had ensued. The birds chirped a new song of harmony that the men sung away, rejoicing.
I took my stance on the tree that bloomed, now of flowers, heavenly. The world moved like a painting being drawn and redrawn over and over. The balance restored as it should be. The banished, had to be, to bring about good in the darkest of hearts, to bring about art that brought joy to all whoever took hold of it.
As I flew through the sky, the screeches and the dreaded world had taken a pause. It all seemed too beautiful. It was time the other side of the world took control, it was time to set it all ablaze, to let the darkness rejoice in its illusionary success and then when it’s all over, to end it all, to pass judgment unknown.
God will reside in their hearts and they shall tarnish their desolate thoughts till they find Him. Maybe then the “God” of the underworld shall realize the plan, a plan in which He is nothing but a pawn.

Abdullah Parwaiz is a student of English Literature at Aligarh Muslim University. He can be reached at [email protected]


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