Billionaires in Australia 2024 | Richest Persons List with Net Worth

As per Forbes latest data by April – 2024, Here is the list of all 48 Australia’s Billionaires in table format with rank, name, age, net worth & industry.

World RankCountry RankNameNet WorthAgeIndustry
561Gina Rinehart$30.8 B70Metals & Mining
1012Andrew Forrest & family$19 B62Metals & Mining
1113Harry Trigubo$16.5 B91Real Estate
1484Mike Cannon Brookes$13.3 B44Technology
1525Scott Farquhar$13 B44Technology
2036Anthony Pra$10.6 B63Manufacturing
3127Richard White$8.2 B69Technology
4178Kerry Stokes$6.6 B83Diversified
4249Frank Lowy$6.5 B93Finance & Investments
62410Vivek Chaand Sehgal$4.9 B67Automotive
71211Cliff Obrecht$4.4 B38Technology
71211Melanie Perkins$4.4 B36Technology
73412Clive Palmer$4.3 B70Metals & Mining
89613John Gandel$3.6 B89Real Estate
92014Jack Cowin$3.5 B81Food & Beverage
110415Lindsay Fox$3 B86Logistics
114316James Packer$2.9 B56Finance & Investments
118717Alan Wilson$2.8 B83Fashion & Retail
118717Bruce Wilson$2.8 B77Fashion & Retail
118717John Wilson$2.8 B86Fashion & Retail
123818Michael Hintze$2.7 B70Finance & Investments
138019Fiona Geminder$2.4 B59Manufacturing
138019Solomon Lew$2.4 B79Fashion & Retail
143820Bob Ell$2.3 B79Real Estate
149621Cameron Adams$2.2 B44Technology
149621Bre Blundy$2.2 B64Fashion & Retail
154522John Hancock$2.1 B48Metals & Mining
154522Gerry Harvey$2.1 B84Fashion & Retail
154522Bianca Rinehart$2.1 B47Metals & Mining
154522Ginia Rinehart$2.1 B37Metals & Mining
154522Hope Welker$2.1 B38Metals & Mining
169423Anthony Hall$1.9 B68Technology
169423Heloise Pra$1.9 B61Manufacturing
176424Sam Hupert$1.8 B69Technology
176424Terry Snow$1.8 B80Real Estate
185125Sam Chong$1.7 B81Metals & Mining
185125Michael Heine$1.7 B74Finance & Investments
185125Gretel Packer$1.7 B58Finance & Investments
194526David Teoh$1.6 B68Telecom
204627John Van Lieshout$1.5 B78Real Estate
204627Chris Wallin$1.5 B71Metals & Mining
215228Mario Verrocchi$1.4 B66Fashion & Retail
228729Angela Benne$1.3 B80Metals & Mining
228729Bruce Mathieson$1.3 B80Real Estate
228729Sam Tarascio$1.3 B79Real Estate
241030Nigel Austin$1.2 B53Fashion & Retail
241030Chris Ellison$1.2 B66Metals & Mining
254531Manny Stul$1.1 B74Manufacturing

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