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What is Ziptron – The Game Changer for Tata EVs Financially

Tata EVs

Meaning and origin of “Ziptron” word

The exact origin is unknown however I think that the name “Ziptron” might draw inspiration from various concepts and these are below.

What is Ziptron

The high voltage EV architecture named Ziptron from TATA motors has completely addressed people of the EV user concerns such as power, ability to use during rain and monsoons, reliability, suitability to long-distance usage, and frequency of charging. Ziptron is the name of Tata Motors’ electric vehicle (EV) technology platform.

Ziptron Technology

Ziptron technology consists of a highly powerful permanent AC magnet motor that provides superior output on request. It also provides the best battery device in industrial dust and waterproof that meets IP67 requirements. Additionally, Ziptron uses intelligent regenerative braking to charge the battery when on the road.

Ziptron Electric Vehicle Technology: Key Features

High energy density Li-ion batteryLonger range (Nexon EV: 312 km, Tigor EV: 306 km)More practical and efficient
Liquid-cooled battery packMaintains optimal battery temperatureImproves battery life and performance
Permanent magnet synchronous motorEfficient and delivers good performanceSmooth and powerful driving experience
Integrated motor controllerReduced weight and improved efficiencyContributes to longer range and better performance
Fast charging capability (80% in 30 mins)Convenient and reduces charging timeEnhances usability and practicality
Regenerative brakingRecovers energy during brakingExtends driving range and reduces energy consumption
Silent operationNo engine noise pollutionQuieter and more pleasant driving experience
Zero emissionsNo tailpipe emissionsContributes to cleaner air and reduced environmental impact

5 Pillars of Ziptron Technology for Tata EVs:

PerformanceHigh-performance motor, rapid accelerationExciting driving experience
TechnologyHigh-density battery, liquid cooling, efficient motorLong range, fast charging, durable performance
ReliabilityExtensive testing, weatherproof components, long warrantiesPeace of mind for users
ChargingCCS compatibility, fast charging capabilityConvenient recharging
ComfortQuiet cabin, smooth drivingPleasant and pollution-free travel experience

Tata Motors EV Financial Summary:

EV contribution target (2030)50%
EV contribution target (2027)25%
Turnover (April-June 2023)Rs 2,400 crore
Read the official report here
Redefining the EV space for the Indian consumer
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